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General FAQ

A. Yes, we offer free in-home estimates.
A. Yes, we have flexible payments options to accommodate any budget.
A. Yes, The Ultimate Gutter Guard is both a licensed contractor and established leader in the home improvement industry in Metro Atlanta, Birmingham, Greenville and surrounding areas.
A. Yes, The Ultimate Gutter Guard's management staff takes pride in every job and makes sure every customer is satisfied, as well as making sure each home improvement project meets our standards.

Vinyl Replacement Window

A. In most homes, it only takes one day to install new replacement windows.
A. Insulating glass consists of two pieces of glass sealed to a spacer. This creates an insulated air space between the two pieces of glass, resulting in better thermal performance. Insulated glass also reduces condensation while keeping the heat in during the winter, and heat out during the summer.
A. Low-E (Emissivity) glass is treated with thin, virtually invisible, transparent coatings of various layers including metal oxide and silver. During the winter, Low-E glass allows the sun's natural light and short-wave heat energy to freely pass through while reflecting long-wave heat energy back inside, keeping your home warmer. In the summer, Low-E glass reflects long-wave heat energy to the outside keeping your home cooler and, reduces the penetration of the sun's ultraviolet (UV) rays, minimizing the fading of carpet and draperies. You're going to be glad your new replacement windows from the Ultimate Gutter Guard have Low-E glass.
A. R-value measures the resistance a material has to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the greater the resistance, and the better the insulating quality. Give your home the best with quality replacement windows from The Ultimate Gutter Guard. We've satisfied thousands of homeowners from Alabama to Georgia.
A. It is a window that’s custom built to fit within the opening of an existing window. Our windows are built to fit precisely. It can be installed without disturbing the interior and exterior areas around the original window.
A. Yes, if you select high quality, energy-efficient windows you can lower your home energy consumption. Our vinyl-framed windows also eliminate the need to paint and scrape to upkeep their appearance. Your energy and maintenance savings will allow you to recoup your windows investment over time

Vinyl Siding

A. Our vinyl siding is built to last, compared to other exterior sidings. Our siding will not rust, peel, scratch or blister. Vinyl is also impervious to rain, salt, termites and other insects. With the backing of a transferable limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured your home will remain beautiful for the duration.
A. Yes, you can create a look all your own for your home. We offer a vast selection of profiles and colors. You can find a traditional look or recreate a home style from a bygone era.
A. Vinyl siding looks just like real wood, but you will never have to paint again. It also adds insulating properties and which can lower your utility costs. Having energy efficient vinyl siding is a great investment for your home.
A. We offer a custom trim package. We can bend aluminum to wrap windows, doors, fascia, etc. Maintenance free is the way to be with new vinyl siding!
A. No. Most vinyl siding has "Color clear-through" formulas which mean scratches and nicks won't show. There are also other chemicals added to protect it from the elements and UV light.
A. Cheap, thin siding. Poor installation. Siding nailed too tight. If installed properly, vinyl siding can actually straighten the walls.
A. Yes, our talented staff of installers can have siding properly installed no matter what was there previously.
A. Simply clean it every few years and it will continue to look new, you’ll never need to paint again.

Gutter Guard

A. In most homes, it only takes one day to install premium rain gutters. Our talented staff of installers will get the job completed quickly and have the place all cleaned up.
A. The Ultimate Gutter Guard offers a full range of colors to complement your home’s exterior.
A. The Ultimate Gutter Guard can be installed on any type of roof, including slate, Spanish tile and wood shakes, which keeps your gutters clog free.
A. Our Ultimate Gutter Guard® system acts as a shield and leaves or other debris cannot get inside your gutters and clog them. We are so confident in the performance of this system, that we guarantee your gutters will remain clog -free for life! If they ever develop a clog, we will remedy the problem absolutely FREE of charge.
A. The coatings on the gutter and hood will last over 20 years or more. The base material will not corrode and it is guaranteed not to fade. Our gutter system can virtually withstand all weather conditions.


A. Yes, eShield™ can save up to 25% on your home heating and cooling bills by using this product. We can conduct an energy audit on your home to determine your actual cost savings. eShield™ pays for itself faster than any other home improvements.
A. US Department of Energy test results show that eShield™ attic energy barrier can deliver more energy savings than 12 inches of additional fiberglass insulation. eShield™ works to stop the number one mode of heat transfer – radiation heat. Radiation is the single most significant source of heat loss and heat gain in a home. eShield combines R-Value with a dual reflective shield that reflects 97% of the heat it comes in contact with.

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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