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Upgrades that Don’t Add Value to Your Home

A good homeowner knows that routine maintenance work is necessary to keep your home in good shape, moreover, that repairs must be done immediately to prevent deterioration and even more costly repairs. Some homeowners invest in additions to their homes like a game room, a home theater or an outdoor gazebo, to not only make living there […]

Home Cleaning on Springtime and Preventative Maintenance

People are really motivated to have a clean home now. Homeowners start practicing cleaning their homes in the springtime. The Pennsylvania Insurance Department recommends taking the time for minor fixes now, to save on homeowner insurance claims later. Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Michael Consedine said that this spring can make a big difference on home safety, […]

Stylish Living Room

“One afternoon I was sitting comfortably on this great couch with my iPad a bottle of water at hand on the coffee table, when I looked around and thought, “I feel like I’m home.” But the thing is, I wasn’t home. I was waiting for my credit card and the pair of sandals I just […]

Home Maintenance App for IOS

BrightNest for iOS allows homeowners to schedule their maintenance jobs, thereby ensuring that they don’t forget any of them. This iOS app requires users to create an account where they can also sign in via Facebook. During the initial set up of the account, the user will be asked a few questions about their home […]

Home Maintenance Tips to Avoid Property Damage

According to Karl Newman, president of NW Insurance Council, homeowners insurance is intended to protect property holders from accident losses such as windstorms or fires. Unfortunately, it does not cover maintenance-related issues such as cracked foundations or water damages due to leaks. To still aid homeowners when these issues arise, NW Insurance Council came up […]

Natural Home Improvement Tricks

When doing some home improvement tasks, it’s a good idea to use green or eco-friendly methods. You may also select materials and products that don’t contain or use harsh chemicals.  Remember that by choosing more natural methods you’re also making better choices with regards to your health. Here are some ideas you can use: Cleaning […]

The Best Home Remodeling Stocks

The housing sector is yet to recover from the slump that it has suffered. More families are deciding to stay longer in their homes. The big winner in this turn of events is the remodeling sector. Since many homeowners just decide to stay longer in their homes, they just opt to have their places remodeled instead. It would help if you […]

A Checklist for Your Spring Cleaning

There are multiple ways that winter weather could cause damage to homes. The snowfall alone can cause considerable wear and tear on the roof. Then there are the animals that are nesting within the house. As a homeowner, it is your mission to get your house in top condition once winter goes away. When springtime […]

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Uncloggiing a Gutter

Clean your rain gutters at least twice a year. Otherwise, debris like leaves and twigs can clog up your gutter system, causing potential harm to your house and landscaping not to mention the gutters themselves. How to Unclog a Gutter If the clog occurs at the downspout cage: Remove and clean it. Remove all the […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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