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Prepping Your House for Wintertime Helps Save Money

Autumn will be knocking on our doors any time soon. Question is, have you successfully gone over your home maintenance checklist? Don’t bother waiting for winter before addressing any repair and replacement issues – remember, prevention is the key to saving more money. The American Society of Home Inspectors, Bill Jacques, said, “A home inspection […]

Safety Checklist for Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is not something that you do without any planning. If you want to do it in the right and the most effective way then you have to formulate some plan – you need to follow an effective home cleaning checklist. Mike Holmes is a well-known contractor for HGTV and he has offered some […]

Summer Home Maintenance

Summer is here and with it comes the heat which you can’t do anything about. But you cannot forget about your home maintenance during this period. It is important that you keep up the appearance of your house no matter what. So it means that even if the heat is up, you still have to […]

Home Maintenance to Upgrade Market Value

For many years home renovations have become a tradition for homeowners. After residing for a decade in their respective homes, they would realize their living room wall needs repainting or their kitchen requires a new sink. For all the time that homeowners spend their doing other things, they often neglect to beautify their shelter once […]

Indian Government Spends Millions in Span of 3 years for Renovation of Bungalows

The Indian government spent millions in a span of three years for the renovation of bungalows where three Indian ministers resided while in their terms of service. The reconstruction work was administered by the public works department (PWD). The department spent the most on the renovation of bungalows occupied by India’s chief minister, deputy chief […]

Painting Your Home for Maintenance

If you are thinking of a good home maintenance project that you can do on your own, you have several options, but you may want to think about repainting your house as a priority. The winter months might have taken a toll on your house exterior and it might need some touching up. With the […]

Renovating Your Home Yourself

There are numerous affordable homes available today in the market. People are continuously opting to acquire one because they think they would hit the jackpot if ever one of these cheap houses fall in their hands. What they don’t know is that homes that are on sale are often second hand homes or foreclosed homes. […]

Upgrading Your Front Door

Replacing your old door will make your house look better, and it will invite positive energy. Talking about upgrading your door doesn’t necessarily refer only to your front door; it can be your garage door, side door, and it can even be your terrace door. With regards to improving your doors, you need to be […]

Improving Air Quality as Part of Home Maintenance

Our world is gradually being too polluted nowadays. Keeping air quality good at home is an element of home maintenance but doing this can be challenging especially in today’s current societal status. Pollution is slowly becoming an adamant part of the society that people with breathing problems will certainly find it more difficult to breathe […]

Home Maintenance Tips for the Spring Season

Spring is the time for wintry mornings and bright afternoons. It’s the signification that winter has ended and summer will soon be knocking on our doors. Hence, the weather is rather hot and cold during this season. Home maintenance for springtime can all the more be stressful because of the changing temperatures day by day. […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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