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Maintenance-Free Trim for Your Home

The modern home owner likes to acquire a lot of things these days. One of those is a house that would require very little maintenance. For most busy people that would be a real dream come true. One solution towards achieving a house that needs little maintenance is to use maintenance-free trim for your home. […]

Furniture Maintenance Tips: Prevention Over Cure

In our endeavor to make our property more pleasing and comfortable, every furniture that we add to our homes serve as investments . It is therefore very important that these additions are well taken care of to secure their longevity and beauty. Each type of furniture can suffer from different kinds of damages. Furniture that […]

Senior Citizen Fell Victim to Home Repair Scam

A 77-year-old woman was tricked to giving a fugitive man the sum of $24,000 in exchange for home repair which apparently was a scam. According to court records, David Jacob Wever, 24, promised an elderly woman to clean her chimney and install a new furnace in her home in Iowa. His service turned out to […]

Indoor Home Maintenance Pointers for Springtime

Spring is arguably the best season for home maintenance, and to prepare your house for rest of the year. It’s the time for thorough inspections, repairs, and replacements to guarantee the house’s in tiptop shape for the months ahead. While there are home maintenance tasks doable without professional help, consulting one if you don’t feel […]

Home Maintenance Ideas for the Spring Season

To most people, springtime is the time of the year to go out and make the house look good once again. Home maintenance is very important and it’s during this season that upkeep produces the best results. If you haven’t started with your home maintenance chores yet, now is the right time to do so: […]

Home Maintenance is Part of Your Life

Home maintenance is very essential, particularly if you want your home to stay functional and strong until your dying day. Home improvement is not only repainting your walls or replacing your windows, but it also includes keeping your soil in good form, or what’s simply known as landscaping. Although there are certain home reconstructions that […]

Midsummer Home Improvement Tips

Summer season is the best time for outdoor and get-away activities, but it’s also the time to attend to your household condition needs. Before summer ends, have a look inside and outside your home for possible minor repair and clean-up needs. Since it’s dry season you can easily go over the necessary detailed inspection of […]

Reducing Costs on Different Home Maintenance Aspects

Renting a home, to some people, is a good decision because every cent paid for the property counts. Every cent helps in maintaining the property and, in some places, is tax deductible. Specifically, what aspect of home maintenance can you reduce your expenses? Continue reading to find out. 1. Cleaning – On a rented property, […]

Low-Maintenance Home Improvement Tips

We all know that home improvement is a valuable investment but if you ask the majority of homeowners if they want to spend huge amounts of money for home renovation, you will hear a resounding ‘no’. Remodeling your home at least once a year is advisable to avoid further damage in the future. The best […]

Guidelines for Your Summer Home Maintenance

Summer is a great time to spend your vacation and do some outdoor activities. But it’s also an excellent time to focus your attention on your home’s condition as well. Since the weather and surroundings are dry enough, you may go around your house and even check your basement for possible molds, moisture or underground […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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