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Doing Lawn Maintenance Yourself and Its Long-term Benefits

Few people realize how much savings they can have if they do their lawn maintenance tasks themselves. Though hiring a gardener or maintenance service to handle your lawn means you wouldn’t have to buy tools and machines such as a lawn mower, having these things can actually be beneficial in the long run. As a […]

Landscape Lighting for Aesthetic and Security Upgrade

Many homeowners spend so much time beautifying and maintaining their porches, patios, walks and other exterior amenities but then very few are concerned with their lighting. Concern for your home’s exterior illumination isn’t solely for the sake of aesthetic improvement; proper lighting enhances the security of your home. Also, your outdoor amenities aren’t exclusive to […]

Keep Unwanted Weeds Off Your Property

Different problems have different solutions. You cannot therefore expect one lawn care solution to solve all your weed problems because, as it turns out, there are actually more than one type of weeds. The weeds that can grow in a lawn may vary depending on the soil type and condition, the environment, climate and season, […]

Growing Grass on Your Lawn Shouldn’t Be So Hard

Many homeowners get frustrated whenever they attempt to grow grasses on their lawn. More often than not, the task can only get more frustrating when they wither and dry. This happens too often to many households that they usually just give up and leave their lawns behind. However, there are actually ways to prevent this […]

Being Independent for the Right Maintenance Tasks

There are some homeowners who really opt to handle most home maintenance issues by themselves. They would rather take care of the minor repairs themselves and choose not to hire professional technicians who would help them with the entire process. Being independent has a lot of perks, particularly if the person is hoping to cut […]

Go Green on Your Home Renovation Project

If you’re planning to undergo major renovation projects for your home, why not consider going green? Going green does not only help save and preserve the environment, it can also help you cut back on your expenses in the long run. Also, certain building materials are made from recycled materials and can certainly help you […]

Is Your House Storm-Ready?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, tasked with dealing with all kinds of emergencies, especially those connected with extreme weather events, has given some guidelines to homeowners. According to the agency, homeowners must make sure that houses are properly prepared for natural hazards. You need to ensure that your house is a sound structure so that […]

Get Rid of Your Lawn’s Brown Spots

Our lawns are like the frontmen of our homes. Before finally seeing what’s hidden behind our walls, neighbors, visitors and other individuals first get a view of our lawns and it is important that they are impressed by what they see. Among the most common problems many homeowners have are the brown spots or bald […]

Good Home Maintenance for Saving Money

If you own a house then you should know that keeping it in good condition costs money, and a great deal at that. A house is bound to deteriorate over time and when it does you would have to spend money in getting it repaired so your comfort and security will not be compromised. The […]

Maintenance is One Factor When Buying a House

There are many factors that you should think about when you want to buy a house. Don’t just jump into buying one because the price is quite low; think about factors other than the price. One thing to think about is the maintenance cost. Even if you get to buy a house cheap, you might […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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