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Lawn Maintenance: Common Misconceptions

Sometimes, the problem isn’t exactly that homeowners are neglecting to maintain their lawns. As a matter of fact, many individuals can be quite enthusiastic when it comes to their properties’ upkeep but know too little about the correct way of managing the tasks. Here are some of the most common misconceptions and mistakes when it […]

Common Lawn Care Issues and How to Address Them

The weather is starting to cool down, which means this is the perfect time to perform some outdoor maintenance activities such as lawn upkeep. Before getting down to maintenance business, it will be best if you can identify your lawn’s needs so they can appropriately be addressed. Here are some of the most common lawn […]

Home Improvement Ideas That Won’t Break Your Bank

Maintaining your home and performing some improvement projects regularly does not only help increase its aesthetic value but can also increase its marketability. Unfortunately, most homeowners are afraid of performing some home improvement projects because of the cost. You don’t have to drain you bank account just to make your home beautiful. Take a look […]

Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is definitely a good choice for any home but you need to know that it needs a great deal of maintenance. In time, the furniture may get damaged and filed with cracks, holes, scratches, and etc., but this is not something to be worried about as these problems can be fixed. It is […]

Estimating Home Repair Costs

Every once in a while, your home needs repair and maintenance work. This also means that you must be ready to shell out a considerable amount of cash in order to keep your home in shape and remedy any problems it may already have. To prepare your budget for these projects, it’s important to get […]

Preparing Your Home for Cold Weather

With fall making an entrance and winter just around the corner, we need to change our routines to prepare for colder weather. However, this doesn’t only involve how we dress and plan our activities, winter preparation also means making our homes ready for the harsher conditions ahead. Here are some that homeowners must prioritize: Cleaning […]

Common Domestic Issues Prevention

Prevention is always better that cure which is why it is important for every homeowner to get to know and apply basic preventive measures in their homes before maintenance issues actually occur and cause problems. Pests and insects, leaks, improper drainage, debris loose roof shingles and other roof damages are only a few of our […]

Kitchen Renovation Rip-off

While many parts of our houses are utilized for relaxation and entertainment, such as the living room, comfort room, and the bedroom, others play special and much important roles – one of them is the kitchen. Some homeowners think that the grandest and most convenient room should the one where they entertain their guests. But, […]

Furniture Exhibition to Inspire Every Homeowner

While for most homeowners, the aesthetic value of their homes is not really as important as functionality, some prefer that their furniture and fixtures are of excellent quality and appearance. If you’re thinking about undergoing some renovations for your house to increase its aesthetic value, you may want to consider attending exhibits featuring many stylish […]

Winter Tips for Maintaining your Garden Decking

Homeowners will be busy preparing the garden for the winter months as soon as autumn sets in. One area in the garden that many people tend to ignore is the garden decking. The best time to carry out your decking maintenance is during late summer to early autumn. The reason why spring isn’t the perfect […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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