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Autumn Home Maintenance Checklist for Every Homeowner

Fall is here and winter is soon to come. As a good homeowner, you’ll always want to make sure that your house is in tiptop shape. In preparation for the colder weather ahead, here are some autumn home maintenance tasks you should perform: – On this season, at least have the heater’s and cooler’s filters […]

Home Inspection Before Moving into Your New House

If you’ll soon be moving to a new house, remember to perform major home inspection first before finally moving in. Though technically, if it’s a new house, everything should be fully functional, some unexpected flaws may have occurred during the construction period. It’s definitely better to deal with them now than face a bigger issue […]

Home Renovation Planning and Execution

Whether you’re intending to put your house up in the market or you simply want an improved living space, efficient home renovation can go a long way. However, it can also cost a lot and disappoint you in the end if you jump into it without proper considerations. Two things that should definitely meet when […]

How to Deal with Plumbing Problems

For a lot of homeowners, nothing can be as horrifying as having a defective plumbing system. In fact, for many American families dealing with clogged drains and leaking pipes is a nuisance. But there are still many others who are brave enough to face the plumbing problem and taking some things into consideration. If you’re […]

Safety and Protective Measures for Fall Exterior Home Maintenance

Outdoor home maintenance can be quite challenging during fall. Even though the scorching hot weather brought about by summer is gone, considering that we rarely have to do most of the tasks that need to be accomplished for this season, our bodies may find some difficulties adjusting. That’s why, before plunging into our daily dose […]

Home Improvement Tips

Home improvements do not only improve your home’s aesthetic value – it can also increase its market value. If there are major renovations or remodeling that need to be done, it’s best to hire a professional, especially if you don’t have the time, the skills and the knowledge to get them done. Working with a […]

Keep Your Warranty with Regular Home Maintenance

Some homeowners make the mistake of turning their home warranty void by neglecting its upkeep. The best way to keep your home warranty for as long as it lasts is by practicing regular maintenance tasks. Here are some tasks that you should definitely not miss this fall: have your furnace serviced to prepare for winter […]

Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Kitchen Germs

You may not know it but there may be harmful organisms lurking our kitchens. If it’s been quite a while since the last time you cleaned your meat drawer or refrigerator crisper or washed your can opener, you may want to make sure to clean up your act this time or clean the entire kitchen. […]

Window Cleaning Tips

Finding out that your windows are dirty can be frustrating. Though it’s hard to clean a dirty window, there are some cleaning tips that can make cleaning easier. Don’t clean your windows when the weather is hot or on a bright shiny day because the heat can dry the window too quickly that you won’t […]

Tips for Effective Home Renovation

If you’ve been watching home renovation shows on the television and are inspired to make the same changes with your own house, you might be surprised to know that these modifications don’t happen overnight and definitely not cheaply. However, this warning shouldn’t discourage you but simply help you become more prepared. The first thing that […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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