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Increasing Your Home’s Market Value

We all want to improve and maintain our houses’ market values, especially considering that they are among our biggest investments. However, despite common belief, there is no need for homeowners to invest large amounts of money just to make our homes look better and become more livable; simple installations that can offer protection for our […]

A Different Perspective on Home Maintenance

Many homemakers get hung up on keeping the kitchen cupboards well-dusted and the floors regularly swept but often forget about the more important aspect of the home. In an article from the Chapter 37 website, we are reminded about the difference between house maintenance and home maintenance. According to the author of┬áHome Maintenance vs House […]

Key to a Mood-lifting Home Set-up

We shouldn’t do home maintenance simply for the sake of making our homes look classy or elegant. It is much more important to ensure that we are comfortable with every room’s look, that’s why we should use our best judgments and not rely fully on what magazines say. Rearrange the room such that the furniture […]

Exterior Home Maintenance Ideas to Prevent Snow Accidents

The winter season has not yet left and continuously preparing for it can be quite difficult and stressful. This is especially true for homeowners living in areas where cold temperature really falls. In order to lessen the problem, below are a few home maintenance ideas that you can apply on the outside of your home. […]

Things to Keep in Mind on Your Next Heater Maintenance Task

The central heating system should even out the heat in the entire house. When this part of the house malfunctions, it will affect our performance of other home maintenance tasks that need to be accomplished. That’s why regular heating system check-up and maintenance have to be scheduled regularly. Keep these things in mind on your […]

Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist

Keeping the house in order is a responsibility of every homemaker. To maximize the efficiency and get the best out of living in your humble abode, this activity is necessary. Jotting down a home maintenance checklist will help improve the effectiveness of the tasks that need to be accomplished. Below are some of the home […]

Protect Your Home Exterior from Moisture and Unpredictable Weather

Exposure to excessive moisture and unpredictable weather changes can negatively affect your home’s exterior; preventive measures need to be put into action in order to avoid the harsh outcomes of this winter scenario. Apply caulking sealant and waterproofing agents on the exterior walls to prevent moisture from directly damaging the surface and seeping into the […]

Handling Trees Around Your House

Growing trees around your home definitely has its pros and cons. Trees can offer shade and protection from extreme weather but when left untrimmed and poorly maintained they can also be the cause of numerous troubles. If you have trees on your lot, make sure that you reduce them to a maintainable number; never grow […]

Home Maintenance Tasks Especially for Winter Season

Winter home maintenance may require the accomplishment of specific tasks that a homeowner can normally skip or delay during other seasons. Responsibly working on these tasks can save you from a lot of trouble and expenses in the future. Have your heating system checked – replace the furnace filters if necessary and clean both the […]

Home Winterization, Exterior Maintenance

Exterior home maintenance is very important especially in preparation for the winter season. It minimizes your home’s vulnerability to the harsh weather condition and it makes the exterior durable enough to protect the inside of the house. Regular check-up can keep the outside of your home up to date. Here are the parts of the […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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