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How to Manage Moisture in Your Home

As the winter season goes on, experts want to remind all homeowners how important it is to manage moisture in and around their homes. Apparently, managing moisture will ensure your home’s longevity. – Keep indoor humidity between 30 to 60 percent. – Check your downspouts and gutters and make sure they are in good condition. […]

Maintaining Your Deck for Outdoor Entertainment

Just because winter had already set in doesn’t mean you can no longer enjoy the outdoors. Experts from Softwood Lumber Board offer tips on how to maintain a wood deck for a better outdoor entertainment. – Wood is a natural material which is why it is very important to schedule a regular upkeep. – Check […]

Making the Most of Your Yard

Do you have a small yard you wish you can adorn and turn into a decorative space? Having a small lawn doesn’t stop you from creating an amazing garden. – Take out old plants as this will help you create a healthier and greener lawn. – Establish areas where you want to add more dramatic […]

Learn the Basics of Home Maintenance

Let’s say one of the fixtures at your house broke down at a time you least expected and no professional company is open and available to serve you. What happens next? The problem got worse because it was not attended to as soon as possible. Thus, you paid more for a fix that could have […]

Things to Include in Your Annual Home Maintenance Task List

Habitually doing home maintenance assures you of your home’s preparedness and security for the years ahead. The stability and sturdiness of the structure and its furniture will be greatly preserved, and the savings you will accumulate in the long run will definitely increase. All these perks will be easily achievable if you continuously do home […]

Tips on How to Choose a Home Repair Professional

Repair and maintenance are both essential when it comes to owning a home. While there are some minor repairs that you can take care on your own, there will be issues that will require professional help. – Before you agree on anything, make sure you ask the company the right questions. – After you have […]

Bringing the Resort Feel to your Own Home

A lot of homeowners dream of having their own backyard ponds. They don’t only add value to a home but they can also become a passion for many gardeners. With the advent of technology, building an economical backyard pond is now very possible for many people. According to experts, pumps today are much more energy-efficient. […]

Experts Warn Homeowners about Ice Damage to Homes

While warmer temperatures can lead to big melt of snow and ice, cooler overnight temperatures can lead to costly repairs to your roof due to ice dams. According to the owner of 4 Guys and a Roof, preventative maintenance can save you a lot of money when it comes to unnecessary repairs. An ice dam […]

Monthly Home Maintenance Calendar, a data driven improvement network, has recently launched a home checklist that will help homeowners schedule their monthly home improvement tasks. Because of the fact that home upkeep can become very tedious, this checklist will assist homeowners in prioritizing which tasks should be accomplished first each month. The checklist features three categories namely interior […]

Upgrading Your Patio

Going outdoors is a great trend right now. So if you are thinking of joining that trend then there are several ways that you can try. The best way would be to upgrade your patio. You can try to make you patio more comfortable than it’s current state right now. According to an article from […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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