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Windows Can Create Air Leakage Problems

Now that summer is about to set in, many homeowners are tempted to fling their windows open to feel the fresh air. It certainly is a good idea if you have new windows but for older windowpanes, this can be a problem. According to experts, windows can create possibilities for air leakages. With this possibility, homeowners […]

Baking Soda and Vinegar for your Cleaning Solution

According to recent studies, commercial household cleaners can cause serious health issues. Here are tips on how to keep a healthy home without having to spend much. – Wipe up spills with a sponge dipped in baking soda. – Clean the outside of the cabinet with a mixture of water and white distilled vinegar. –  […]

Tips on How to Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen

According to experts, expanding outdoor kitchens has become an exciting project for many homeowners these days. Now if you too want to get your outdoor cooking and dining space improved, here are some valuable tips to consider. –          Add a sink and small refrigerator to make the space more functional. –          Sheltered kitchens are on […]

Improve Your Landscape with Ornamental Grasses

If you are thinking of creating more landscape beds, you might want to add ornamental grasses in your list of plants. These grasses are graceful and can be used as a backdrop to accentuate a centerpiece plant. Apart from their aesthetic value, ornamental plants can help minimize deer damage in your yard. Also, this type […]

Home Maintenance, Keeping Different Areas in Order

Cleaning the house is not enough to make it last for a long time. Regular home maintenance is necessary to ensure that every room and fixture is at its best condition. This also warns you if any repair and replacement should take place. Let us begin with some of the most basic parts of the […]

Springtime Home Maintenance Ideas for Homeowners

The warmer weather we are experiencing these days is an indication to do home maintenance, which we cannot do in winter. Grab the opportunity of the warmer days and sunshine to conduct home checkups and improvements in different parts of your house. Take the following ideas as a guide if you do not know how […]

Customized Home Maintenance Schedule

Home upkeep is one of the most important task homeowners shouldn’t overlook during spring time. Now if you are the type who seems to forget to change the AC’s filter or repaint your home’s exterior, HomeSavvy app will probably be of great help to you. This app helps you customize a home upkeep schedule. So […]

Protecting Your Plants from Cold Weather

While near-record temperatures tell us that spring is almost here, late-spring snowstorms that come in April and May require us a different kind of preparation. According to experts, the snowstorms could possibly kill the plants we have in our yard that haven’t even bloomed yet. Below are tips on how we can protect our plans […]

Maintaining Your Furnace Regularly

As homeowners, we all know how important furnace maintenance is. However, we often tend to overlook this one maintenance task. Regularly maintaining your furnace can help extend its lifespan. A maintenance performed by a licensed professional can help spot any problems before they snowball into bigger problems. This preventative maintenance means it will be less […]

Staying on Top of Home Upkeep

Just as we need to we need to eat to survive, there is also no getting around when it comes to home maintenance. Apparently, home upkeep is a chore that every homeowner has to stick to. These maintenance tasks do not only help keep your home in tiptop shape but they can also help extend […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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