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Green Ingredients for Home Cleaning

Home cleaning can be both expensive and tiring. But if you are able to make your own cleaning potion, it could be a lot better since you would no longer have to purchase your cleaning products from the supermarket and spend too much money on it. –          Heating baking soda in the oven can change […]

Maintaining the Outside Area of the House

The outside parts of the house are the things that first experience the harshness of the weather – rain, storm, hail, thunder, and snow. Because of this, damages are inevitable. And making sure that your house won’t suffer from severe damages is possible through home maintenance. Here are some important tips when inspecting the outside […]

Maintaining the House Even on a Budget

Home maintenance helps prevent costly repairs and replacements of various fixtures found in your house. Some homeowners ignore this important task because they want to save money. What they do not know is that overlooking home upkeep actually causes more expenses in the future. If you are on a tight budget and still want to […]

The Importance of a Home Maintenance Budget

When we were young, we were taught by the elders to save for the rainy days to have a source of fund in case of emergencies. The same principle should apply not just for personal use but also for our home and other projects. Financial experts advise each homeowner to have an emergency home maintenance […]

Do-it-yourself Natural Cleaners

Cleaning your home doesn’t require using harmful chemicals that could actually pose a threat to your family’s health. Here are a few DIY green cleaning recipes that you can prepare at home when you are about to tackle the toughest messes in your own household. –          You can clean spills with at solution that is […]

Inspecting Your Windows and Doors to Avoid Air and Water Leaks

Air and water leaks can cause your energy and repair bills to shoot up. Therefore, take time to inspect your windows, doors, and skylights to stop air leaks and foil water drips. Don’t forget to check the gaps and rot that let the outside air in. These inspections are easy to do. You can either […]

Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

Window cleaning is one of the most important home upkeep tasks that we all shouldn’t forget to tackle. Whether you choose to do the job yourself or hire a professional, always remember that cleaning your windows is as important as keeping your home investment secured. –          You can use commonly available window-cleaning products if your […]

How to Beat Mold in Your Own Home

Finding mold and mildew in your own home can be endless. According to experts, fungus growth is most likely observable in areas where there is moisture. As a matter of fact, molds are very common not only in residential properties but also in commercial buildings. –          Vacuum and mop your home regularly. –          Ensure adequate […]

The Good Things You Will Get from Regular Home Maintenance

Home maintenance should become an integral part of your life not unless you want to spend thousands for repairs and live in a malfunctioning house. What better way to do that than a regular home maintenance. Preparing a schedule is essential in making sure that you will always keep up with the upkeep. If you […]

Home Maintenance Must-Dos for Spring

Now that the weather is not too cold and not to warm, it is high time for you to conduct various home maintenance chores. Clean the debris and repair the damages from winter before things go from bad to worse. Here are some things you need to prioritize. The roof is the primary protector of […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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