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Home Maintenance Tips for Summer

With warmer temperatures and longer days, summer is indeed the perfect time of the year when you can thoroughly evaluate your home’s condition. To help you give your home a summer inspection, here are some tips that you can use. –          Give your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint. –          Inspect and clean the […]

Factors to Consider When Replacing Your Windows

More often than not, homeowners decide to replace their existing windows due to benefits of energy efficiency. Before you decide whether these new windows will guarantee huge cost savings, you might want to go over few important factors to consider. ·         How well-insulated is your home? ·         What materials were used in your current windows? […]

How to Clean Stained Glass

When removing stains from glass, you need to be very careful as glasses can easily break into pieces. Here are some invaluable tips that will help you remove the stains from your glasses. –          Add some lemon juice to the vinegar and use the mixture to loosen the mineral deposits from the stain. –          Spray […]

How to Clean a Damp Basement

Are you worried about the water in your basement? Checking your basement for dampness or water seepage is every important in order to prevent mildew and mold from moving in. Here are tips on how to deal with a flooded basement. –          Remove standing water with mops, pails and sump pumps. –          Use dehumidifiers, air […]

Household Uses of Baby Powder

Baby powder has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to a person’s beauty and sanitary needs. However, did you know that it can also work magic for your home? Baby powder can be used as a solution for various home upkeep problems inside the house and in the garden. Powder can work as […]

Home Maintenance for a Fully-functional Home

Home maintenance skills do not come as a natural gift for most homeowners. These tasks need to be learned and practiced to perfection. Here are some home maintenance tasks that should be part of your regular routine: Inspect your roof for loose shingles, chimney flashings and skylight seals. Make sure that gutters and downspouts are […]

How to Make Your Home a Better Place to Live In

Some homeowners perform home improvements to increase the value of their homes, while others simply want the places they live in to be more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. Whatever your goal, the following tips can surely help you make your house a better place to live in: When painting your walls, protect electrical outlets from […]

Safe and Effective Home Cleaning Solutions

Let’s face it — no one really has the time to go through each and everyone of those cleaning products in the market and determine which ones can truly work magic and are environment-friendly at the same time. Fortunately, there are cleaning solutions with which you can rest assured about their safety and effectiveness: Protect […]

Tips on Keeping Your Windows Spic-and-Span

Cleaning the windows is one of the most tedious tasks you need to tackle during home maintenance. To make window cleaning a whole lot easier, here are some tips that you can use. –          To improve shine, rinse the windows with water and a small amount of vinegar. –          If the glass is a bit […]

Cleaning Tips for Busy Women

Oftentimes, we find ourselves so busy from work that we don’t have the time to do the cleaning ourselves. This can also be the case if the housemaid called to inform you that she won’t be coming. Now when this happens, here are a few cleaning tips that you can use for your own survival. […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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