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Landscaping Tips to Help Boost Your Property’s Value

Whether you have plans of selling your property or just want to increase your curb appeal, investing on your landscape can actually pay off big time. According to landscaper Ed Hansen, a well-managed landscape can add up to 28 percent to a home’s overall value. Below are some tips on how to improve your landscape. […]

Great Habits for a Clean and Well-Organized Home

People with amazingly clean houses don’t actually have magical abilities that get rid of unwanted clutter at a snap of a finger. What they do have, however, are a couple of day-to-day habits that help keep their homes easier to maintain. For instance, instead of parading their outdoor footwear in the house and taking all […]

How to Keep Your Home at Maximum Functionality During Winter

The winter weather poses risks not only to your safety, but also to your home’s functionality. Keep your house in check by testing and maintaining smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, by ensuring that heat sources are in good working condition, and by testing plumbing shut off valves and all plumbing fixtures. Prevent further ice and […]

Adding “wow” to Your Outdoor Living Space

Creating an appealing outdoor living space that is functional yet interesting can be a very tough project to start. With a lot of options, styles and designs to choose from, this type of project will require a lot of research. Below are some tips on how to create an inviting space in your own backyard. […]

Home Maintenance Tips for Summer Season

During summer, your home is probably the last thing that you would like to work on. However, maintaining it all year round will certainly help protect the big investments that you have in your property. Below are some tips on how to maintain your home. –          Run some water briefly in your laundry tub or […]

How to Create a Maximum Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is that one thing that draws a person to a home at a glance. As a matter of fact, that area in your property can make or break a sale. Now if your home lacks curb appeal, many buyers will reject it without even looking further. Below are some tips on how to […]

Quick and Easy Steps to a Clean Home

Many of today’s generation don’t exactly enjoy cleaning and tidying up. But, because their religious deliverance to this responsibility is essential for a functional and aesthetically pleasing home, some quick, easy and practical measures should be put in place. For instance, in order to minimize clutter, every item in the house should be assigned a […]

How to Make a Kitchen Attractive to Buyers

A functional kitchen with good quality appliances and materials can be an excellent selling point in the real estate market. However, one that’s too showy may simply turn certain buyers off, which is why sellers are advised to opt for a neutral color palette. Property owners should also keep in mind to design a kitchen […]

Hotel-standard Home Cleaning Tricks

Do you ever wonder about the amount of training and practice that every hotel maid has to go through just to be as efficient and quick at what she does? Some experts share tried and tested methods for fast and easy cleaning. Maria Stickney, the Housekeeping Manager at the Radisson Blu Mall of America in […]

Important Rules to Proper Roof Maintenance

While it is much more efficient and safe to leave roof maintenance to the experts, this is no excuse for homeowners to be oblivious about the needs of their homes’ roofing. It is important that they check the drains and downspouts on a regular basis to secure proper drainage, prevent moss growth by trimming tree […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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