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How to Keep Your Home Free of Clutter

Home clutter does not only depreciate the aesthetic value of your home; they also pose numerous safety hazards. Before things go out of hand, consider observing the following de-cluttering measures: Create a plan, set a schedule and start with the room that needs the most work Consider which pieces can be moved, replaced or repurposed […]

Don’t Take These Home Maintenance Tasks for Granted

When it comes to home maintenance, homeowners often neglect certain parts and areas of the house that they don’t use and encounter too often. This, in turn, could lead to serious dust and dirt accumulation, damaging furniture and appliances. Here are tasks that should be part of your spring cleaning: Vacuum and spot clean upholstery […]

Excellent Uses for Coffee Filters

Isn’t it great when we realize uses for an object that are more than what it’s actually made for? Check out the following uses for coffee filters that you never would’ve even considered before: Slip coffee filters between stacked plates to keep them from chipping and scratching Use one as a disposable snack bowl Use […]

Summer Indoor and Outdoor Home Maintenance Tips

Summer weather makes managing both interior and exterior home maintenance tasks possible. Before the season comes to an end, be sure that you’ve made the most out of this fine outdoor condition. Here are some maintenance tasks for both the inside and outside of your home: Change the HVAC air filters Keep the sinks clean […]

3 Parts of the House That Need Your Attention

There are specific parts of the house require just a little bit more of your attention in order to keep your property running with complete efficiency. While these parts vary based on a number of factors, here are the three to which you should really pay attention this winter season: Water heater – check for […]

How to Improve Thin Areas in Your Lawn

Late summer and fall are considered to be the most important times for maintenance activities. In order to keep your turf healthy and vigorous, you sometimes need to deal with soil fertility problem, various diseases and even thin spots. Below are some tips on how repair thin areas in your lawn. –          Overseed thin areas […]

How to Ramp Up Your Curb Appeal

Whether you are planning to sell your home or would just like to improve the exterior look of your property, having a well-maintained curb appeal is very important. Here are some helpful ideas from the experts that will help you improve your curb appeal. –          Repaint your mailbox and make sure to paint each numeral […]

Spruce Up Your Home with These Simple Projects

If you are thinking of ways to give your space a fresh new look this season, you don’t have to look further. Without spending too much money, there are actually a lot of ways to inject your personality into your space. Below are some DIY project ideas from the experts. –          Reclaim an old wood […]

Improving Your Rental Home’s Bathroom

Even though you are just renting your place, there are a lot of things that you can do to improve living conditions. If you are planning to make some modifications in your own home, here are some tips on sprucing up your bathroom in your rental home. –          Update our bathroom by applying a fresh […]

How to Get the Most of Your Garden This Summer

According to experts, a heatwave can put gardners in a difficult position especially wnen it comes to watering their gardens responsibly. To help you out, here are some tips for watering your garden in a hot weather. –          During increased temperatures, make sure your lawn receives minimal watering. –          Keep the mower blade on its […]

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Remodelers, home builders, and real estate developers rely on GuildQuality's customer satisfaction surveying to monitor and improve the quality of service they deliver.
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